Core 102History and the Modern World
Challenges of Democracy
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Spring Semester, 2017
Michael R. H. Swanson, Ph. D.
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Challenges of Democracy
Happy first full day of spring!  As I said, I'm not going to spoil your return by giving you readings and markups to worry about this week.  We're going to move on NEXT week to this shore of the Atlantic, and perhaps a couple of other places as well, bringing the fight for Democracy to our day and age.  We'll begin with the Declaration of Independence.  But not this week.  Thomas Jefferson said it was "self-evident" that "all men are created equality.  The struggle for equality continues to our day and age.  We'll consider to  particular aspects:  Equality for African-Americans, and also Equality for Women.  I'm going to show two videos this week.  Today we're going to look a one of my favorite DVDS.  I hope you will enjoy it as well.  It is called Amandla! a Revolution in Four-Part Harmony.  It is the story of the imposition of and rebellion against Apartheid in South Africa. Racism is alive in many parts of the world, and the struggle continues. Unfortunately, it is a bit long for the class, but we'll be able to watch most of it.  You'll be able to watch bits and pieces of it by clicking on the video below.
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Today we turn our attention to the other great struggle for women's rights,   We'll watch a video from the series The People's Century.  Clicking this link will take you to related sites.   Please let me know if any of the links no longer work.  This struggle, too still does on, both here and abroad.  The video was a joint project of the BBC and PBS.  "The People's
Century tells the story of events and situations in the 20th century world.  You can get a list and watch many of them by clicking here.