Core 102History and the Modern World
Challenges of Democracy
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Spring Semester, 2017
Michael R. H. Swanson, Ph. D.
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Challenges of Democracy
Do either question 1 or Question 2
(For extra Credit do them both)
The famous statue, The Thinker. (nudity not required)  IF thinking alone doesn't work, click the picture for additional resources.
Due:  Thursday, March 23
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LengthFive pages in 10 point type.  I’ll read more quite happily.

Question One:
Is it possible to believe in Democracy if one doesn’t also believe in Reason (critical thinking)? What should one do if one’s reason disagrees with certain laws or policies of the government of the country in which one is a citizen? Why is access to knowledge (Freedom of the Press) necessary to reason confidently?  Include these ideas, but in the order which makes most sense to you.
Use These Documents:

.Question Two:
Is Toleration crucial if a Democracy is to function properly?  What arguments do people make against toleration? What are the best arguments for toleration?  Considering the last year or so, what is the state of  toleration in the United States?  What forms of "persecution" are taking taking place now?
Use These Documents: